The Rest of Turkey

So I’m a few countries┬ábehind with my posts, sorry Grandma!
Here are the rest of the pictures from my drive thru Turkey. After kite surfing in Gokova I drove the whole southern coast all the way to within 20 miles of the Syrian border. Leaving Gokova I drove past about an hour of high-rise resorts and finally got to see some beautiful coastline. It’s amazing how many little beaches there are tucked away in between the rocks rising out of the Mediterranean, and the water the entire way was an unbelievable shade of blue.
The drive from Southern Turkey, to the north Did not disappoint either. I was not expecting such a green Forests And little mountain towns pasted on the side of them. Once I get the Black Sea that’s where the disappointment started. It’s a pretty major road so there are a lot of tunnels and you can’t really enjoy the coastline like you can in the South. But overall I love the country and I will be back there again.


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