Finally Heading East!

After driving the PCH and seeing a lot of friends and family I was ready to get away from the coast and all the ridiculous traffic of Southern California. My journey will not be complete until I reach the other side of the Pacific ocean on the east coast of Australia, or possibly New Zealand. Below are a few pics of the turn.


One thing I realize as I’m going through my pictures is that I never take any with the people I’m with! You guys know who you are but I just wanted to say a special thanks to Adam and Erin for the beers and epic bananagram games in Seattle. Jeff and Liz for the awesome hospitality and San Francisco experience. Vanessa and Danielle for giving me the things only Dana Point can offer. And Kempster for San Diego, the club was definitely going up on a Tuesday. After finally heading east I had the pleasure of seeing my brother from another mother who also happens to share the same birthday as me, Bo. Thanks to the Vander Wilt crew for putting their lives on hold for a couple days while I came through. Stuart and Keri for having the Dos Equis and pizza on hot standby for my arrival. And last but not least my favorite uncle Jackson, who, although was not driving down the same road as me, was taking the same journey… No Chamba.

 As far Southwest i could drive in California


Went over the border to Mexico at Tecate


This was further down the road once I got back to into the USA. The border fence is quite the structure when you get to see it this close.

DSC02480 DSC02481

Decided to take this little off-road trail up this valley. I soon regretted my decision due to the fact that it was 90 degrees and I was soaked with sweat about a 1/2 mile in.


Rolled over 3000 miles on the odometer and the pic below it is where I was at.

DSC02488 DSC02489

Currently can’t remember the name of this canyon but this is where I took my drone out to do a little filming.

DSC02498 DSC02502

Freaking love this place.

DSC02506 DSC02510

Day trip to the Sandia Crest overlooking Albuquerque.


Hiked up the side of this hill to the entrance of the Sadia caves. You can see my motorcycle sitting on the side of the road if you look close.


The cave….


On the road to Chama


Eldorado Dam


This is my aunt and uncles cabin around Chama, NM. Lots of good childhood memories here.


A pretty sad picture right here… this is the lake the cabin is on. It used to be about 50-60 FEET higher when I was a kid. You can see the small river running through it now and the old water lines on the side of the hill.
DSC02542 DSC02545 DSC02546

The Indian Reservation I rode through on the way from Chama to Durango. Lots of dirt roads and NO traffic so it was great!


Lunch spot for the day


and then I hit the 4000 mile mark

DSC02554 DSC02557

Silverton, CO


The Alpine Loop just south out Ouray, CO. I WILL be back to do this one day. It looks like an awesome off-road trail from around Ouray to Lake City. This is also the first placed I layed my motorcycle over, and it happened twice! You can see the only damage 2 pictures down. DSC02566

This is as far as I got before I had to turn around

DSC02568 DSC02571

My accommodations in Ouray. Great place if you’re going through this summer, all brand new remodeled rooms.


The drive doesn’t stop getting better! Beautiful little valley on the 141 in CO.


Same story




One more time.


I can’t imagine waking up to this every morning, but someone has to do it! Thanks again Stuart and Keri!


About the only thing you can take a picture of driving down I-80 in Nebraska. Rode 865 miles that day and I hope to never do it again.


And for the past couple days Ive just been hanging out in Iowa, spending time with the fam. In all reality my next post will be coming from across the pond in Portugal!! WOOOOOOHOOOO!! So damn excited to get over there!

Until next time…

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